What Is Token Gating in Video Streaming?

September 16, 2022 - Darrel Herbst

Web3 incorporates decentralization, blockchain technologies and individual wallets to enable ownership and provenance of assets. As a media producer, you can use a Non Fungible Token or NFT, to represent ownership.

Let’s say you produce a video, a book, or a series of short stories or articles you want to make available to people that pay for access. Or you could gift access to someone by giving them an NFT.

You can make the video, book, or web page require someone has this token in their wallet before the browser or mobile app will allow them to view it, or download it. As long as they have that NFT in their wallet, they will have access to the thing you want to protect.

This is called Token Gating, making sure the person has the NFT in their wallet before they can view the item you want to protect.

The growing Film3 movement is using web3 and token gating to help independent filmmakers self produce and self distribute their films and videos. Here at Streaming Rat, we have developed a set of tools to help you deliver your film directly to your viewers. We can help you create a smart contract to create NFTs, and prepare your videos for streaming on a number of platforms like desktop/laptop browsers, mobile apps on Android and Apple/iOS, as well as chromecast, Fire TV, Roku, Google TV and Apple TV.

We are working to make this available to you in a self-service way, or you can email hello@streamingrat.com to have us walk you through getting started.