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We're a Web3 company on a mission to integrate traditional media with blockchain technology.

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Introducing ratproxy, a simple reverse proxy.

How to token gate video streaming for film3 and web3 with Streaming Rat.


A 10,000 edition ERC-721 NFT with unique individualized art, attributes, and a roadmap. Comics, videos, and a video game are currently under development.

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NFT Parade ™

Display your NFT collection in your home or office. Available on browser, mobile, and TV apps. Customize and create playlists for different themes. Coming Soon

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NFT Generator

Generate NFTs with multiple variants, traits, rarity settings, and more.

Token Proxy

Proxy server to "instant reveal" NFTs once they have been officially minted.

Token Gate

Proxy server to restrict access to content based on NFT ownership.

Mint List

Permit exclusive access to mint NFTs during events, pre-mint window, etc.


Web3 Integration

Provide exclusive access to your content based on NFT ownership.


Produce NFTs and list them on marketplaces such as OpenSea.

Smart Contracts

Build custom Solidity contracts based on your requirements.

Video Streaming

Stream video with DRM encryption powered by Widevine and Fairplay.


Darrel Herbst

Co-Founder, CEO

Kevin DeLoach

Co-Founder, CTO


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